As I sit here and watch my children play, I am amazed by how much they have grown. This time last year, Little Scar, would have just barely been home from the hospital. That little girl who now runs in my yard chasing after her older sister, was a 6 pound something baby, wearing premie clothes, who still needed mommy for everything.

Its amazing what a year can do, how different things become over time.

My husband and I are quickly approaching out 6 year wedding anniversary.  6 YEARS! How did that happen, and when? It feels like yesterday, we were standing at that alter promising our lives to each other before God.  But when I really think about it, neither him nor I are the same people we were back then.

We thought that we were ready for anything, we thought that marriage would be easy. And parenting, man, we could do that too! We were gonna rock this thing called life. Little did we know at 19 and 21!

Turns out marriage is hard work! It ain’t for the faint of heart, thats for sure. There have been times I have been so angry with that man, or hurt, or (fill in any emotion really). My whole life I have watched marriages fall apart. I mean hey, my own dad had been married 3 times. And while my mom had only been married once, her track record wasn’t the greatest. I have seen more marriages fall apart than I have seen stick together. I have seen relationships beaten and butchered. As a young girl I promised my self that marriage was for life, I would only be married once, and all my children would be fathered by the same man.

For me, I often feel I have a stronger fight or flight emotion than others, and it takes a lot to not let either side of that coin win! Without God in my life, marriage, and household, our marriage would have fallen apart long ago! We’ve always seemed to have what feels like the cards stacked against us. I can remember a couple strongly urging us not to get married all those years ago. But I am glad we went against the odds, because through out it all I love the life I share with the man of my dreams!

We’ve learned a lot together, and in many ways we’ve grown up together. We’ve taught each other so much about life, and we’ve been there for each other through major hurts in our lives. Henry’s helped me through the loss of my dad, the pain of losing a mother young, through rejection, through failure, through all the hurts of life. And he’s been there for me, when he suggested we take in and become the caregivers to my handicap brother. He was there to help my younger brother turn around his life. He made me a mother, not once, but now three times. He’s always been there, for everything! God has plans for this man!


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